Our full bed stone products need to be installed in the traditional methods masons have been building out of stone for the past 10,000 years.  Most building codes include prescriptive information about the type and thickness of mortar to be used as a veneer product.

Thin Veneer however has only been used in North American for about 100 years and still no National Building Code has made references to best practises with thin stone veneer.  This is why the Building Stone Institute with other partners have spearheaded an ASTM tested and approved methodology of installing Natural Thin Stone Veneer.  Please click on the link below to read detailed engineered specified drawing and explanations.  All projects requiring a building permit need to conform to local regulations and best practises approved by the local building inspector.  If help with detailed engineered stamped drawings are required for your project, Masonal has partnered with Picco-Engineering in Concord Ontario, "A leader in stone adherence systems in Canada" to meet your needs., 905-760-9699


Click here to download Installation Manual